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Whether you are feeding 12 people, or 12,000 people, we want to cater your event!
We do everything from business meetings to weddings! Our kolaches are sure to be a show stopper, bringing delicious flare to any event.

We do not provide personnel to stay and serve, or provide takedown. Call or email us for more information. 

Ringing Phone

All set-ups and presentations are those of customers

Catering Info Request

Don't wanna hassle with calls and emails?

We have a simplified catering menu you can just click and order. However, you cant really customize anything. It's for people (like me) who hate talking to humans. It's super easy! Click below and follow the steps:)

If you need extra help or have questions about how to cater with us, please fill out the form below



These are great finger foods for weddings or similar events where you don't need a full meal. They are about 1/3 size of our full size. Minimum purchase required. Expect about 3.5 savory per person and 1.5 sweet per person


Mid size

This is a very popular option for business catering. You get a good bang for your buck and are able to offer more variety to your group without over-purchasing. Expect about 2 savory per person and 1 sweet per person


Full Size

These are the same size as the ones that are served in each store.  Expect about 1.5 savory per person and 1 sweet per person


Don't be afraid to mix and match the different size kolaches we offer so you can make the most of your budget. A popular catering recommendation is combing mid-size savory kolaches and minature sweet.

Evening Catering

We love to cater and we get ALOT of people who want kolaches for their evening events. Truth be told is that we close at 12pm so you'd have to pick up your food before then and keep it warm on your own watch. We only accept evening orders on occasion. The latest we accept pickup orders is 4pm, so plan accordingly. We DO NOT make after hours delivery. Only pickups in the evenings, but even then it will not always work out. Please email us or call is if you need help for a night-time catering to see how we can help you. Please keep in mind that we specialize in breakfast/lunch/brunch catering, so there are certain fees that come along with after hours catering. We have a whole different array of flavors for special occasions and events outside breakfast.

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