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The Hruska Hustle 

Since 2014, Hruska's has been hustling nonstop to bring yall the best kolaches that were ever made. We don't cut corners and take pride in knowing that everything we bake, slice or serve is made with passion. By always finding the way to keep costs low and quality high, we have been able to offer a product that exceeds expectations and bucks the traditional restaurant model. Hruska's Kolaches sole mission is to provide sincerely great food at an affordable price.


On the flip side, we also strive to provide a warm and authentic experience to both customer and employee alike by treating everyone like family. We are not perfect, but we work our hardest to share our southern hospitality with each and every person that walks through our doors. What started out as a simple operation in Provo, Utah run by 3 siblings is now home to more than 30 employees and provides delicious food to thousands of happy customers. Our family is proud to bring you a taste of our heritage.

  We hope you enjoy!


What the Czech is  a Kolache


Starting out as only a fruit topped piece of bread in eastern Europe, the kolache has been transformed and stuffed with a range of different toppings and fillings to satisfy anyone’s craving.  The combination of our handmade fillings and great-grandmother’s dough has created the kolache you know and love today.  At Hruska’s Kolaches, we pride ourselves on bringing you only the best.  Our handmade kolaches are baked in small batches, multiple times a day to ensure that everything you eat is fresh.

Our Kolaches

Everything we put into our kolaches is made daily. The fruits, veggies, and meats are all purchased locally. We crack our own eggs, cut our own meats, and make our own jams and jellies from real fruit. The charm of our kolaches come from the simple fact that we love what we do and are proud of what we created. Is it perfect? Maybe...maybe not...but it sure is delicious and real.


And yes, you may even be lucky enough to find a real eggshell in your kolache. 

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